Holybread is an RPG style browsergame built on the Hive blockchain. Heroes are used to being leveled and skilled. Items are used to make heroes even stronger to defeat the enemy. Both - heroes and items - are collectible and tradable with other players. The Hive blockchain gives every hero and item clear ownership.

Yes, the game is fully playable for free. The only requirement is a Hive account which is used to enter the game. There are ways to spend money which mostly grants more comfort but also some other advantages. The game is made for having fun. With or without money, there is always someone to compete with.

Yes, we designed a system which allows players to earn real money. Players are rewarded with an ingame currency called "Breadcrumbs". The rank of the player in the arena defines the amount of Breadcrumbs that is earned. There are also other ways to earn very small amounts of Breadcrumbs like doing quests. Players are able to transfer their Breadcrumbs to their Hive Engine account, which is a marketplace for tokens. We will then use 50% of everything we earn to sponsor the prize pool. There will be a weekly buyback with 20% of the current prize pool. The rest stays in the prize pool for the following week. The buyback will be at random times around Sunday and most likely in multiple waves.

Players can also earn Hive by selling items and heroes on the market to other players.

Every single player has his own referral link with which he is able to recruit other players to the game. Every time the recruited player purchases Bread the player receives a commission of 5% (lifetime) which is paid in Bread.

Every user can buy premium once. It is active for lifetime on the server.

Premium players have a few advantages. They have more inventory space for items (+24) and heroes (+6). They have a bigger "saved energy tank" allowing them to be inactive for a longer time without wasting energy. Once they have space left for the energy they will get back 15 energy per hour (instead of 5 per hour for non premium players).

Players will also receive 125 Bread for upgrading to premium.

You can contact us on our Holybread Discord server.

All players start with a common hero. Players can choose between three different classes (mage, archer, warrior) and two genders.

More heroes can be found while doing quests or by recruiting very limited heroes for Bread.

There is also a market where players can buy heroes from other players who are willing to sell them.

Heroes are available in four different rarities. They have different glow colors. Common (nothing), rare (blue), epic (pink) and legendary (gold). A hero with a better rarity gives a better buff but is also harder to get.

Every hero has a buff. There are many different ones with two main categories: Single buff or team buff. Single buffs only affect one hero - most of the time the hero itself. Team buffs affect a whole team.

Every hero has five different attributes. Constitution gives more health. Luck increaces the chance for critical hits (100% extra damage). The other three attributes are the main attributes of the three different hero classes. Intelligence is used by the mage. Dexterity is used by the archer. Strength is used by the warrior. They increase the damage they deal to the opponents. Secondary main attributes (for example: dexterity and strength for the mage) are used to increase the resistence against other heroes. A mage with high dexterity receives lower damage by the enemy archer.

A hero collects experience on quests and rises to a maximum of level 100. The level of a hero does multiple things. 1. The items you will find are always in the level area of you hero. A higher level item has better stats on average. 2. Every level gives 1 extra constitution, luck and main stat (intelligence, dexterity or strength) 3. The level of a hero is used to calculate his life and resistances. A higher level automatically increases them by a bit. It also is used to calculate the critical hit chance of your opponents against you. A higher level means lower chance of receiving a critical hit.

Yes, every hero is unique. There are a lot of variables making every hero unique. They come in different skins, gender, buffs, and names. The level and skilled attributes make them even more unique. There is a very small chance for two identical heroes. That's extremely unlikely. And even if that happens, the ID of every hero is definitely unique.

A player's team can have up to three active heroes. Every player starts with one hero. The other two slots have to be unlocked first.

There are also six slots (12 for premium players) in the heroes inventory where additional heroes can be stored. Once all slots are taken you can't get another hero. To make some spare room for more heroes you can release heroes in the menu after clicking on their names or you can sell them. You can select and deselect heroes for your team however you want.

Once a player starts in Holybread he has to set a family name. This name will be the family name of all heroes he ever finds. The family name will stay even after selling it on the market to another player. The firstname of an hero is randomly chosen when the hero is generated.

You can change the hero's first name for bread under the hero's detail page (click on the name of the hero).

You can change your family name on the home screen (click on your profile picture on the top left). The family name change will also affect all heroes under your control.

Items can be found while doing quests or can be bought in the Item Store for Gold (ingame currency). Players can also buy items from other players on the Market.

The Item Store offers nine randomly generated items. The level of the items is dependend on your team heroes level. Once every day there will be new items in the store. You can also ask for new items for Bread. When asking for new items you can select a heroe of your team you want new items for.

You have the option to buy items from the store or sell them for Gold. The shopkeeper offers 50% of the real Gold value. Keep in mind that the shopkeeper has limited Gold which is filled back once every 24 hours.

Currently there are four different main categories for items. Weapon, head armor, chest armor and shoes. Every hero can wear one item of each kind. Items are also restricted to their hero class.

Items also have different rarities. Normal items and epic items. Epic items tend to be a bit stronger than normal items. You can recognize them on their glowing border and they fit all classes.

Every item has durability. Every time you actively attack someone in the arena, every equipped item loses one durability. Once an item reaches 0 durablity it does not give any stats to the hero anymore. The item can be repaired at any time. But it costs 200% of its real Gold value.

Bread is the premium ingame currency of Holybread. It can be bought for Hive. You can also earn a small amount of Bread on a regular basis by doing daily tasks. It is not tradable or sendable to other players. Bread can be used for a lot of things that don't give a real advantage but instead save time to the player. Bread can also be used for a few things like getting new items in the item store, skipping quests or changing hero's names.

Gold is the main ingame currency of Holybread. It can't be bought, traded or sent to other players. It is earned by doing quests and winning in the arena after attacking someone. Gold is used for skilling the attributes of heroes, buying items in the item store and repairing items.

Breadcrumbs is an ingame currency in Holybread that is mainly rewarded for the arena rank. It is tradable with other players on Hive-Engine. Currently the main purpose of Breadcrumbs is to reward players for their performance and activity in Holybread.

We use 50% of everything that is earned by Holybread to buy back Breadcrumbs from the market. That way players can earn real money. There may be more purposes for Breadcrumbs in the future.

Quests are the main way for your heroes to gain experience (for higher levels) and to earn Gold. There is also a chance to get items or find new heroes. To do quests a player needs energy. Quests come in three different sizes. 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes quests. Every minute costs one energy. A player normally can store up to 100 energy and gets 10 energy every hour. So there are 240 minutes to spend on quests daily. A quest can be instantly finished when spending Bread. So if it happens that a player has no time that day, it is still possible to finish all quests very fast.

There is also a saved energy tank, which is used to store overflowing energy, if a player already has full energy. Once the player has some spare place left for energy, the energy from the saved energy tank will flow back (5 energy every hour). The saved energy tank is a premium feature!

The arena in Holybread is the place to fight other players. A player has the option to fight one of four different players, all in a similar rank area. Three of the four players have a higher rank and one player has a lower rank. If a player manages to beat a player with a higher rank, the player takes his rank and the opponent player loses one rank. If the attacking player wins the fight, the player also receives some Gold.

After attacking another player your heroes need 15 minutes of rest. If a player spends bread the heroes can instantally fight again. Bread gives superpowers!

Players receive Breadcrumbs every 15 minutes depending on their rank. A higher rank means exponentially more rewards.

The market is a place where players can trade with other players. Players can trade all their heroes and items for Hive.

Items and heroes can be placed on the market for sell if they are in your inventory. They mustn't be equipped!

To place them on the market you have to open the detail page of your item or hero. The detail page can be reached when clicking on the item or hero name.